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02-11-2013, 12:21 PM
My personal opinion with the builds that I am running is thus.

Antiproton: with my crit chance sitting at 15.4% minimum I cit so often that I actually doubled my DPS with it vs. the same build without the romulan boffs. No accuracy bonus though so I lose that if I try to use them in PvP. You can't get crits if your not hitting. So unless I am just attacking cruisers with it it is pointless for me. STFs though the build rocks, I out DPS 4 team mates on Khitomer vortex space elite. I was on 1 side and all 4 were on the other and I finished my side first. I had a little help when I got taken out by the gate before I got though. And to their credit they were new to STFs. ( I was kind of training them)

Phased Polaron ACCx2: This is my PvP build. I combine that with 1 science console that adds the plasma proc for that little bit of bonus damage but the combined phaser and polaron procs are devastating in PvP. I drain somewhere around 40 to 50 energy points when I proc if they don't have a ton of power insulator skill and even if they do I still have the phaser proc. Additionally I have speced out to resist both as much as I can. Polaron drain hardly affects me at all and I have Adapted Maco set with the hot restart engines and team batteries that cover either weapon and aux or shield and engine. Granted that's as much as I can do but it helps a lot.

I really wish though that I could get Mk XII antiproton CrtHx3 but they don't exist in the game at this point. Those would be great for my STF build. My Ideal weapon load out though would be AP ultra rare CrtHx4 but I don't think we will ever see those in the game since EVERY advanced fleet weapon is DMGx3 and 1 other bonus. I am also really hating the idea that the elite ones seem to be ONLY phaser or disruptor.