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02-11-2013, 12:26 PM
This is the build I am currently running on my Science Defiant, but it should work on a Tac Officer no problem. When I respec'ed my tac last time, I used this as a base, but only *slightly* modified it.

Basically, it's an all energy build, I prefer not to run torpedos on my escorts. Right now she runs 1 DBB and 3 DHCs (due to the ensign tac Defiant issue), but I am thinking about ditching the ensign tac (just ignoring it all together) and running 4 DHCs on her. Now I am assuming that you will be 50 soon, right? I found some really nice gear in the exchange that works great on this ship. Most notably, the Regenerative Shield Array Mk XII [Reg]x2. I love this shield, but this was mainly since this toon hit 50 after Season 7 dropped, and its to hold her off until I can get the borg shield.

Finally, I find this build PERFECT in PvE for survivability. I keep shield batteries handy, but its more to buff my shield power for the regen rate, and not the heal. It's also fairly tanky in PvP, of course like anything your team is also a vital part of survivability.

BTW, you mentioned you weren't a fan of how long the PvP queues take. That is more of a lower level issue, its normally much faster at lvl 50. But if you get into PvP, I highly recommend finding a fleet and getting on voice communications (Vent, TeamSpeak, ect) for PvP. Makes the teamwork much easier.