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# 2 The Doffs
02-11-2013, 01:34 PM
Technician Duty Officers

Game Description: Recharge time on bridge officer abilities reduced

According to rarity Tech doffs provide a 4/6/8/10 percent reduction. Slotting 3 to active duty will provide a 30% cooldown reduction when A2B is activated. This reduction is applied to any ability which is on cooldown, or "ticking." Any ability which is ready for use will be unaffected. A2B is itself affected by the Tech doffs, so 1 copy will have a cooldown of 28 seconds instead of 40.

CRF/CSV/TT/ST 30 > 21
EPTX/HE/TSS 45 > 31.5
RSP 120 > 84

"Spamming" 2 copies of A2B with 3 purple Tech doffs will apply the reduction every 10 seconds. This means that abilities with longer cooldowns will have it reduced multiple times.

There are two types of cooldowns, shared and system. This is represented in the UI by two different cd animations. The activated ability is a spinning clock while the system is a horizontal line which moves from top to bottom. Tech doffs will have no effect on something placed on a system cooldown. EPTS1 starts a 45 sec cd on itself, 30 sec cd on another copy of EPTS1, and a 15 sec cd on EPTW1. The 30sec cd and 15 sec cd will be represented by a lowering horizontal bar and will not be affected by tech doffs. The 45 sec will be reduced until it hits 30 sec, at which point the animation will switch.

Here's the tricky part: EPTx is active for 30 sec. Upon activation a 45 second timer starts on the power tray and the ability is not available again until the timer is up. One way to look at it is that there's a 15 second cooldown when the ability is not available; in other words you wouldn't consider an ability to be on cooldown at the same time it is active. But that's not how STO sees it. According to STO the cd is 45 seconds, which is good for us because 30% of 45 (13.5 sec) is what tech doffs are going to shave off with each activation. That means we only need to activate A2B with 3 purple tech doffs twice while EPTx is up in order to make sure it's available without a break. If STO considered the 15 seconds to be the cd time, we'd be shaving 4.5 seconds off each time and be unable to keep constant uptime.

Case Study:

Captain K'Pow flies a Kar'fi. He has a DBB, Torpedo, and 2 arrays mounted fore. His general strategy includes using a tractor beam, BO, and HYT to spike targets when the opportunity presents itself. While also able to heal or CC or be a nuisance with pets he wishes his hybrid ship could spike more often. He slots 3 tech doffs and A2B in one of his two eng slots. Now, after every TB, BO, HYT combo he activates A2B. His spike comes up sooner. He also usually looks around to see if he can give his aux based heals to someone before he reduces his aux for 11-14 seconds. As a carrier he has chosen the Fer'Jai frigates because the periods of low aux will slow their redeployment and the as sturdiest of the pets they require fewer launches. Overall his aux based sci abilities are weaker for periods of time but the tradeoff for more frequent spikes seems to be worth it.

Case Study:

Captain Rance Handsome flies a Fleet Tactical Escort Retrofit. He heard from a reliable source on Drozana station that A2B with Tech doffs is OP. Rance was of the opinion that he himself was OP no matter what ship he was in, but a little more OP couldn't hurt. He figured that with the cooldowns reduced he could run one copy of APO3 and bump his HYT2 up to HYT3. He planned to use just one copy of CRF2 instead of CRF1/CRF2 and to run CSV and TS since he would have room, allowing him more flexibility. He jumped into combat and dropped an alpha on his first target, same as usual. Avoiding their warp core explosion and picking another target he activated A2B. As he maneuvered to bring his DHCs to bear he found that he was moving faster than usual due to the increased engine power. He complimented himself on making his awesome ship even awesomer. CRF2, BO2, and HYT3 all came up sooner than expected, although he was eyeing the copy of CSV1 that came up 6 seconds sooner. Still, Rance couldn't understand what was wrong. Everybody talked about how awesome this was supposed to be. The constant fluxuations in his engine power levels irritated him, it just felt like somebody was stomping on the accelerator without paying attention to what was going on. Even worse, his internal clock had learned to match his cooldowns with those of his opponents. If someone had 6 seconds left on RSP Rance knew without looking what he would have available in 7 seconds. Now he had 2 different cooldown cycles of his own, plus tactical abilities sitting unused, unless Tactical Initiative is running, then Tac abilities are on an additional different cycle. Also, before he was chaining EPTS and EPTW without a break, now he has a hole when ETPS is down and the weapon power bonus is intermittent. He decided to suck it up and buy some AP doffs instead even though 1 costs as much as 3 tech doffs.

Case Study:

Captain Veeble loves killing Feddy. The only thing better than killing Feddy is killing Feddy so fast that they say he's cheating. Veeble flies a BoP whose only purpose in life is to alpha from cloak. As much as Veeble loves killing Feddy, Veeble hates leaving Feddy wounded but alive on a failed alpha. Veeble wants a beta strike, but his protocol is exacting. Decloak, alpha, tactical egress. No variations. Altering his loadout to double up on BO and HYT would require removing things abilities which protect his movement and re-cloaking. His time out of cloak was planned to the second. Initially the idea of A2B was dismissed because his cloak depended on aux. Then one day he decloaked on an enemy who should have had 4 seconds left on Tactical Team when they used A2B to bring it up again and survive. He decided to figure out what this did and realized that it held the key to his beta strike. He reworked his decloaking protocol. BO and HYT are pre-buffed under cloak. For a beta strike to be possible decloaking must occur when they have less than 9 seconds left. After firing, A2B is activated bringing BO and HYT up again. The power transfer aids in the weapon drain and improves evasive maneurvers. The aux drain is not a problem because by the time the cloak is available the drain has passed. Veeble is also please because A2B can be used under cloak to speed up the time to his next attack run, although he has to be careful that he isn't spotted when dropping Aux to 5.

Case Study:

When asked if she is related to The Kirk, Captain Alonna Kirk smiles and changes the subject. Biologically, of course she's not, but she knows she's a kindred spirit to Kirk, and if the stories are true about how much Kirk got around then half of her bridge crew can probably trace their family trees back to him somehow. She knew Kirk would approve of her cruiser, the U.S.S. Dropkick. However, since taking command she felt like it just didn't melt the faces off of Starfleet's enemies like it should. With a DBB, 3 single cannons, and 4 turrets she had moments when it all came together and she got to really murderface somebody, but most of the time she felt like she was spinning around, looking for a target and waiting for things to become available again. Then she heard about A2B and Tech doffs from her Anbo-Jitsu partner and eye-candy Rance Handsome. Rearranging her Engineering abilities she ran 3 Tech doffs, an EWP doff, and a guy named Marion. CRF and BO came up all the time, with EWP and DEM at unheard of availability. Now she could pin people in continual warp plasma and counter weapons power drain every time DEM was up. Alonna felt like her Fed Tactical Cruiser was finally performing like she always felt it should, and couldn't imagine running it any other way.

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