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02-11-2013, 12:34 PM
There are a few important things to take away:

-Attempting to use two copies of A2B to give high power levels can be risky. The higher your initial Aux setting, the more difficult it can be to recover from Aux Offline.

-1 copy of A2B with 3 very rare tech doffs will not bring a cd to it's "horizontal" (i.e. global/family/shared). However with 2 copies you can cool things down past 30%. It's 30% every time you activate A2B, so if you activate it twice while a power is on cd it will attempt to take another 30% off, but will hit the horizontal cd for most powers at 50%. That's why running 2 copies is so very different.

-The cooldown reduction does not care how many seconds are left on a cooldown when calculating how much time to remove from the clock. 3 purple tech doffs will take 30% off, so CRF with a 30 second cd will get 9 seconds subtracted from its current clock every time. It always uses a percentage of the base cooldown. If CRF has 7 seconds left until it is available A2B will bring it off of cd entirely (unless it's already been slammed to the horizontal).

-A2B grabs any Aux in the tank, no matter the source. So temporary sources which expire, are removed, or cannot be maintained will remain as a penalty to Aux levels until A2B ends and the slosh returns the power according to the power transfer rate.

-Tech doffs only affect abilities already on cooldown when A2B is activated. It is not passive, nor does it last the entire time A2B is active.

-The effectiveness of A2B is highly dependent upon the existing ship and build.

-A single copy of A2B is ok if micromanaged.

-A2B does not help most ships with a matching Cmdr and LtCdr boff layout.

-Double A2B is the answer to the question "How can I make my Fed Tac Cruiser suck less?"

-Double A2B can be run with only two purple Tech doffs. This will leave gaps in the shorter abilities, like CRF, and a small gap in between A2B copies, but longer abilities will still be at gcd.

-A2B builds give up Aux2Sif and endanger HE strength. The defining element of a build is what it gets in return. Typically this is either a much quicker cycling of a Cmdr level ability (APO, DEM, EWP) or quicker cycling of 2-3 tac abilities (see most A2B Tac cruisers and battlecruisers).

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