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# 4 A2B puggable HEC
02-11-2013, 12:36 PM
Most of the time I tried A2B as an add-on, or a tweak, like getting TB, HYT, and BO up faster on the Kar'fi. With the Jem HEC I had a build in mind for a D'Kora if I ever got one that fit even better on the HEC. So this ship is built on A2B, with Tech doffs baked right in.

I.K.S. pantsonhead

DBB, DHC, DHC, Rom Torp
Turret, Turret, KCB

KHG 3 piece
Eng: Always: Leech, Rotating: Borg, Temporal, Rom, <---> RCS, Neuts
Sci: Embassy FlwC +hull heal, Embassy Flwc +shield heal
Tac: 4x Polaron

Weapons Batt, SFM, Shield batt or Aux Batt

Eng:EPTS1, A2B, EWP1
Eng:EPTA1, A2B

Tac:TT1, BO2, CRF2, APO3
Uni:PH1, HE2

Hangar: Shield repair shuttles

Always: EWP doff, 2 Tech
Rotating: 1 more Tech, 1 Battery cd, 1 TB drain, Maint eng battery bonus, good ole BFI doffs.

Keep in mind that I almost exclusively pug. I needed something that could run DHCs, hold a target, and forgive my tendency to stay in a fight to get a kill.

Running the leech means crazy highs for power levels followed by a Gary Busey celebrity rehab crash. I've considered Adapted KHG for even more but MEF has saved my bacon more times than I can count. MkXII 2 piece is like +8 Aux passive. Placates cause leech related crashes, as does a lack of targets, so Fleet Support and pets can become a meal on the hoof rather than a nuisance.

The argument can be made for almost any set. MACO 2 piece gives 5% cd reduction. IDK exactly how that interacts but if you want to run only 2 Tech doffs it could be good to close the gap, plus the maor power shield. Omega on this kind of FlwC build would be good too, plus Energy Wake. Fleet shields take it to a 2 piece bonus discussion but I'm not there yet. Even the Borg set to make up for heals, if you're more careful about keeping shield shuttles up, plus explosive decompression is hysterical and the BTB is another drain/boost.

Keybinds: Shield distro and DHC/turret/KCB on spacebar. DBB is separate for BO selection. Row 4 is all bound to 1 key. The only thing this build puts there are EPTS1, both A2B's, and pets. EPTA goes into the mix at the start of a fight but is not bound. It is reserved to bring Aux back online. MEF needs Aux.

I hardly ever spike at anything that isn't held. Rom torp is on autofire. I frequently set myself on fire with it, but it's all good because it's a fun way to massage GDF. Available pets are crap, but who cares because that's not the point of this build. Killing Aux is bad for carriers, I'm just here for the 60 inertia anyway. (That's Hegh'ta inertia, in case you were wondering.)

Many excellent A2B builds can be found here. Please feel free to share your own.