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02-11-2013, 02:58 PM
Also incredibly helpful for Escorts who need to 'tank' for a bit to regenerate shields/wait for support:

- Switch power to Shields/Aux, or Engines/Shields, or Engines/Aux. Or, ideally, switch to 100 Aux/50 Engines while popping off your heals (TSS + HE + maybe Aux to SIF), then switch to something like 75 Shields/75 Engines so that your innate shield resistance goes up as well as your regen rate.

- The extra Engine power will boost your Defense and make it easier to dodge in and out of your aggressor's arcs.

- While your Weapons power will be low, it'll still be decent enough (especially with 4-5 Tac consoles boosting them) to take out smaller targets: Pets, mines, etc
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