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Originally Posted by sasheria View Post
they do, but what does THIS mean?

Lt Tac: TS1/TT1, BFAW2
Ensign Tac: TT1
Cmdr Engi: ET1, EPtW2, EPtS3, Aux2SIF3
LtCmdr Engi: EPtA1, RSP1, EPtW3
Lt Sci: HE1, TSS2

Conn Officer (TT CD red)x2

All I see is a bunch of letters. I am hoping there is a page explaining what does this mean.
Those are usually non-official abbreviations for Bridge Officer abilities and DOff specialisations used by forum members for brevity - there is no lexicon for those. That said, it's just a very simple matter of matching the initials to the lists on the Wiki:

TS1 = Torpedo Spread I

TT1 = Tactical Team I

BFAW2 = Beam Fire At Will II

ET1 = Engineering Team I

EPtW2 = Emergency Power to Weapons II

EPtS3 = Emergency Power to Shields III

Aux2SIF3 = Auxiliary to Structural III

EPtA1 = Emergency Power to Auxiliary I

RSP1 = Reverse Shield Polarity I

EPtW3 = Emergency Power to Weapons III

HE1 = Hazard Emitters I

TSS2 = Transfer Shield Strength II

Conn Officer (TT CD red)x2 = 2x Conn Officers with Tactical Team Cooldown reduced

DCEx2 = 2x Damage Control Engineers

WCEx1 = 1x Warp Core Engineer

Sounds like you're trying to duplicate somebody else's build without understanding it...

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