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02-11-2013, 03:08 PM
As a galor class captain, i must say that cruisers need small buffs in many categories, cruisers don't feel like cruisers, a cruiser will have a ridiculous amount of firepower, as well as a strong hull/shield. an escort should be very evasive, and be able to do a great amount of burst DPS, while cruisers deal heavy DPS that remains constant, or varies very little, science ships should be the buffers and tankers, which they already serve quite well.

so, how do we improve this to a balanced standard while keeping canon?

maybe it may help to give cruisers a specific type of weapon, like the escorts already have, same with the science ships.
or give cruisers slightly higher shield multipliers
escorts could get speed increases, as well as more skills to encourage hit and run style attacks
maybe release cruisers with more than 8 total weapon slots.

i can't think of a true, solid, and easily thought of solution, but these are just my ideas.