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Originally Posted by antoniosalieri View Post
Cannons with 90 degree firing arcs ? How interesting. lol

I am sure you are refering to single cannons which have a 180 degree firing arc... and do little more dmg then a turret.

Escorts running single cannons aren't going to kill anyone... well unless they are shooting at terrible players anyway.

Sorry DHC are the only real option on an escort.

As far as target sub systems go... I can see now why your build has issues with escorts. You are obviously building to win by simply not dying... last I checked the only way to win any fight in this game was to kill the other person. Simply not dying is NOT an option. If you have not planned your build to be capable of Winning... why would you expect to. If you just want to RP it up and chain EPTS throw some RSPs and pop some coloured beams of have at it... its fun to pretend where flying the enterprise at times.

However if you want to WIN fights in this Video Game... you best have a plan of attack. Is there opportunity cost in slotting OFFENSIVE skills.... ahh ya. Why is that a shock. YES I am suggesting you don't run 2 copies of Tac Team on your cruiser... trust me you will be just fine with 1... and if you time a sub system target even a level 1 properly it can turn a battle for you. NO its not an IWIN button haha you can't move I kill you now... however IT will be as effective as you choose to make it. As far as specing Decomp goes... haha you don't need points in Decomp to make sub systems useful... and if you want to spec some points in to decomp go for it... what are you going to loose ... wait hold on I'll use my mind reading powers to scry out your tier 5 point spend.... Hmmm 9 points in Kinetic armour.

Ok I'm sorry my tone can be harsh at times and I don't mean it to be... honestly though if you build 100% defense its no shock that you can't do anything about the escort on your tail. Sometimes the best defense is a good offense or so I hear.
Yeah, my mistake on the 90 degrees, but you are wrong about the single cannons doing damage barely above turrets. If you fire them at normal speed yeah the would seem to be slow but its DPS is higher than beams and when using Rapid fire they do way more DPS than beams and at a faster pace. In conjuction with a couple DHC's, RCF 2 or 3 you can keep the high rate of fire sustained. Plus with the weapons officer DOFF that recharges the Cannon Rapid fire quicker, you can maitain rate of fire almost uninterrupted.

On a cruiser build unfortunatlely, offences are weak in the rear, no matter what you do. STO don't allow you to put cannons back there and they nerfed the hell out of torpedoes. Even science spam can only be activated from the front. If you don't have an adequate defense, you will just be dead faster.

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