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# 1 Would this be a good change?
02-11-2013, 03:14 PM
Hello all, I have recently been reading several of the threads related to damage, ship viability, and others and have seen various complaints mainly related to just how frelling tanky everything has become.

This is my comprehensive solution to the problem(s).

- Remove shield regeneration bonus from shield power. Link it to Auxiliary Power instead.
- Rework bonus defense. Half of it's value should be determined by engine power, other half from current speed.

- Grant Cannons Resistance Penetration. They will ignore a % of the targets resistance when dealing damage. So if enemy has 50% reduction a 100 damage hit would normally deal 50, if a cannon had 50% penetration then the resist would be lowered to 25% and target would take 75.
- Grant Beams Improved Accuracy. They will ignore a % of the targets bonus defense when making the 'to hit' roll.

This would completely change the sustain/spike/etc aspect of the game, IMHO.