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02-11-2013, 04:27 PM
yeah, i believe that if you don't reuse the same boffs on different ships, they do stay where you put them. but if you can only have 54 boffs, then that only allows for 10-13 ships (depending on 4 or 5 boffs per ship). honestly, i wouldn't mind having to have different boffs per ship if there wasn't a limit.

however, there is. they want us to keep buying their new shiny ships (and i have been...i have a pretty beefy hangar at ESD already (i've been around since launch (have the best buy preorder pets to prove it ), but have been playing seriously for only the last couple months)), but i only use one for the moment: mostly because of this.

give us saved boff and doff profiles. otherwise, people will find one setup they like and stick with it, rather than continuing to buy all the new sparklies you make available.

along with this, i believe you would have a net gain (from people buying oodles of new ships, rather than an extremely infrequent respec) if you put something like a multi-spec service (2000 zen per unlock, swtich between them at will, max of 4 per character or something) in the game, just for switching between different skill layouts.

you'd get a ton more of my money...just sayin