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Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
6x Rom BA at 29k Dil ~ 178k dil (gotta add in the extra 700 or so) ~ 23

So at 23 days of 8k dil per day, you would get your 7 plasma/disruptor BAs (figuring you already have the experimental BA). And in those 23 days at 1 mil ECs per day (easy to get) you will also have 23 mil ECs which would be enough easily for 3 or 4 mk XII blue plasma infusers.

Soooo... a long term (ish) investment, but with huge reward possibilities.
Long term, yes. I'm not going to buy those rep weapons before I stop caring for Zen/Dilithium.

Which is a pity, I really had a nice build starting to take root in my head.

For PvE, Romulan plasma (and plasma overall) has currently great benefits.
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