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Admiral Lorin was fit to be tied, as the old earth saying went. Luke could see her hands flying in the air, a fist waved now and again, and a scowl thrown at anyone else that dared to offer an opinion. He saw all of this through the thick sound proof, weapon proof glass. He was merely waiting his turn to speak with the always "elegant" Lorin Vistin.
Sezirea simply sat by him, very stoic.
"You would think we just lost the fight, the way she is carrying on in there," Luke finally said, barely over a whisper.
"Told you, she is not a forgiving, cheery person," Sezirea replied, not looking at the commander.
Luke and Sezirea then watched as two gentlemen, humans from all appearance, passed in front of them, and with their own code, opened the doors to the private office. As the doors slid open, everyone, including the admiral, became very quiet. The two began to introduce themselves as the doors closed, and neither Luke nor Sezirea could hear who they were. In moments the room cleared of all personnel, except the admiral, who was no longer throwing her arms around, nor giving out fantastic orders that probably no one could physically follow anyway.
The admiral's chin suddenly jutted up, and her eyes then met with Luke's. Luke was not sure if it was pity or hate in her eyes, but Luke was sure he did not wish to know. This was not any of his business, so why she would look to him was beyond him.
The glass doors slid open as the admiral exited, and motioned with her chin toward Luke.
"That is him," was all she said, as she stormed off. "Ready my ship, we are leaving this station!" She called out to what appeared to be no one, yet suddenly her crew began appearing, moving quickly and busily.
"I guess we were just lucky the admiral was here," Luke said, watching her leave. Then he turned to one of the men in the office, who's eyes were directly on him. He smiled one of his patented Luke smiles.
"Commander Luke Minhere, come inside, we need to speak," the man said, apparently unaffected by the smile.
Sezirea attempted to get up to follow them in, but the other put a hand out in a stopping motion to her, shaking his head.
"Only Mr. Minhere."
Sezirea sat back down.

"Maybe space is not the final frontier," - Luke Minhere