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Originally Posted by thratch1 View Post
Aside from posting on threads in the STO forums, where else is he showing up in your life?

Is he following you around as you run your daily errands? Going through your trash? Watching you make dinner through the kitchen window? Calling you repeatedly at work, breathing for a few seconds, then hanging up?

Or do you accuse your boss of stalking you just because he's always at the same place you go to almost everyday?
That is not the point as he keeps going on quoting me posts even though I ma trying to ignore him.He should be showing some kind of consideration and avoid quating my posts.He is being rude not me.

On other boards I ma one of the nicest person they all know.

on topic I would say that these ships do weight something as it is probably thier hit points like any other rpg toon it is their health points.

I would say that a regen shield is better because of it faster regen time compared to a resilant.I use all regens on my fed tacs and kdf tac.

I even took my other Fed tac with blue regen shield and all white weapos into a estf and didn't die once.

You only need 2 DHC even singles work fine with 2 Q torps up front.

I have photon in the rear.

Your play style is not excaclty what those would be looking for as you are so use to it and had to worked on it.These people need to work on what works for them not what some other pseron said.This includes ships as well your build may work for you but not others.It wouldn't for me.
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