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Notes on my entry:

I'm blatantly taking multiple historical liberties with Warhol's Factory here. Klaus Nomi was a countertenor and early New Wave performance artist of the 70s and early 80s who used post-apocalyptic science fiction utopianism in his stage shows before he was "discovered." I've always wanted to do a fic based on the premise that Nomi, George Clinton, the B52s, Sun Ra, and/or David Bowie are/were aliens or had alien contacts. However, Nomi arrived in NYC after Warhol was shot and became a bit more reclusive, so the dates don't quite match up for this scene.

A liberty I took with Star Trek lore is the existence of cognates for "captain" that a person with a passing familiarity in multiple 20th century languages might recognize.

The ship is named for Joan Slonczewski, biologist and science fiction author.

Patrick is, unfortunately, taking his cues from David Bowie's 1979 SNL appearance, which featured Klaus Nomi on background vocals. Since his "history" is mostly derived from holodeck reconstructions of 20th-century television, his recommendations are laughably incorrect.
Welcome, and thanks for sharing your entry I had wondered if the albino tribble was referring to Andy Warhol, but the other references I did not twig (which is equally good, as it means the reader is not beaten over the head with them ) Ironically, I very nearly had the crew contact World Enterprises and Thomas Newton, but I felt that his company was not quite as focused on engineering as Stark Industries (I also want David Bowie to play the 12th Doctor )

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