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02-11-2013, 05:23 PM
Originally Posted by cipheragentnine View Post
oh get this

1. after you finish the download using the official .torrent
6. DOWNLOAD all 3gigabtyes that you had previously torrented, all over again.

I thought torrents existed to save bandwidth NOT force users to download the same files TWICE!
I jumped the gun with that comment.
It was in fact a separate but new batch of files. Launcher patched another 3gb, nearly identical size as the torrent, so I got confused.
3.32 gb (from the torrent) + the extra 3329mb (not found in the official .torrent)

Maybe in the future release an optional .torrent that includes ALL game files. Even with the extra 3gigs the launcher obtained, I am still seeing file transfers at every loading screen.

Sorry for jumping the nerd rage like that. Only 6 days left in the event, thought I was going to be stuck in download hell.