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02-11-2013, 05:20 PM
this thread is a masterpiece. every single thing ricky said is accurate, and my exact experience with tech doffs. i always meant to make such a thread, or a post this detailed, i'm glad i didn't end up having to do it! i remember back last year, the vet ships just came out, a patch put AtB on the AtX system cooldowns, when it suddenly occurred to me that i could run 2 AtB, and 2 EPtX, and proboly have things at global with just 1 copy of them. if i recall, me and ricky were PMing each other talking about the possibility. i know he at least came up with the run EPtA with it idea.

masterfully done, with the case studies showing AtB not being especially helpful some places, but making otherwise fail builds, like a fed tac cruiser, almost passable. just 1 copy isn't better then doubling up 2 of the same ability, and when you have a LTC and COM station that are the same type that are not eng, its totally pointless.

the double AtB builds, especially with leach and maco, can leave you dry quite often, more times then i can count i would have someone tractored and my aux falling below 0 canceling it. then of course thats a period of no aux based abilities working at all.

you got to choose between not better then 2 copies of things with 1 AtB, and peeks of 125/125/125, and valleys of 0 aux for sometimes close to 10 seconds.

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