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02-11-2013, 05:40 PM
Originally Posted by rickysmith1 View Post
I figured I would share an imagining if you will, of the Future STO Galaxy Map years from now.
I compared many available maps already created of the Trek-Verse and put into account the STO year being 2409, so there will be some expansions and such.

Please bare in mind it is very rough and I was limited by paint; Galaxy Map.
Here is the Original Map; Original Galaxy Map.

If you look closely I added a few ideas or snippets for future stories.
()Enterprise - J Wreckage
()Son'a-Breen Buffer (War Perhaps)
()Hirogen Colony and satelites
()A new Species to pit against just the Klingon and TBA Romulan Factions.
()Fek'lhr territory for just the Klingon Faction.
()Second Dyson Sphere
()Multiple Races/powers to explore as well as the Expanse

What do you think?
Make it so.