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I heard talk of introducing battle grounds into pvp which made me think back to the battlegrounds of wow. It would be so easy to do and it would encourage pvp if there was some large scale pvp map that was only available at certain times as the Defera invasion once was.
WoW's open world PVP died for the most part when BGs were introduced. Blizz turned conflict and combat into an e-sport and gear carrot.

STO's PVP is clearly modelled on the BG already. Small scale maps and instanced. Very much an e-sport. Just more of the same bland ADD focused gameplay and no way adds to the promotion of conflict or it's resolution.

Now if you proposed to bring open world PVP to STO which many of us PVPers are asking for, then we could all agree.

Too bad it wasn't all "Play to crush!" in here but I doubt many could handle losing their fleet starbases let alone items in their inventory. Not to mention gear damage and loss.

For STO, I set my expectations to low and would be happy to see a move towards more open world PVP and leave the instancing for PVE.
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