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Originally Posted by user839020189287 View Post
WoW's open world PVP died for the most part when BGs were introduced. Blizz turned conflict and combat into an e-sport and gear carrot.
That's not quite how it happened. Even after the introduction of BGs, there was still the 24/7 TM/SS fun to be had while waiting on the queues for those BGs. AV could be a 4+ hour long queue. AV itself, back then, could run three or more days before completing.

Battlegroups and cross-server BGs started to kill off WPvP. Group mergers and the eventual removal helped - Arenas helped - additional BGs helped, etc, etc, etc... but BGs themselves when introduced didn't.

There's no WPvP to kill off in STO. The addition of additional pseudo WPvP BGs could be nifty...definitely adding to the game. Heck, throw in a third faction and you've got GW flavor WPvP.

Yes, somewhere down the line - SB/AO/EVE WPvP with territory control would be extremely nifty... we're not there yet - and - additional BG options would not prevent that from happening.

I think the issue you're actually against would more likely be found in how PvP Rep may end up working...where it would actually be more Arenas and PvP being an e-sport in that area... as is, it's somewhat there without the pollution aspects of a tiered rep system messing up the rest...

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