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02-11-2013, 06:40 PM
Not sure why Cryptic calls the Sector Map the "Galaxy Map" when the STO Galaxy Map is more canonically like THIS.

Sorry for the bad quality, now that I got photoshop back I can go back and finish it properly. But this is map is a mesh of the offical Galaxy Map made by NASA (widely available on the Internet) and the maps from Star Trek itself. The Blue Area is what was seen in TNG as the explored areas.

And STO literally is that circle around the Sun, which is a 50 Light Year diameter.

The Green Lines is (was) the Borg Transwarp Network that was seen in Voyager: Endgame. (The Dark Green was a secondary Borg Hub Proposal that has it near the Galactic Core, but the locations didn't fit compared to the real map).

The Cyan line is the path Voyager took (and the path it would've taken). (The Thick Yellow Line was the "official" path of Voyager in Endgame).

Originally Posted by rickysmith1 View Post
I figured I would share an imagining if you will, of the Future STO Galaxy Map years from now.
I compared many available maps already created of the Trek-Verse and put into account the STO year being 2409, so there will be some expansions and such.

Please bare in mind it is very rough and I was limited by paint; Galaxy Map.
Here is the Original Map; Original Galaxy Map.
What do you think?
No offense, but that looks clustered.

First off, moving Iconia and Romulus to those locations is absured, Iconia needs to be in the Neutral Zone and Romulus is canonically in Z-9.

The Galactic Barriers IS FAR from Federation Space.

Tholian Space is shown canonically "south" of Cardassian space.

Son'a Territory is canonically in the Brair Patch.

The Sheliak is canoncially near Deneb, which is nothing close to Federation space.

And you mispelled Ferasan

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