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That's not quite how it happened. Even after the introduction of BGs, there was still the 24/7 TM/SS fun to be had while waiting on the queues for those BGs. AV could be a 4+ hour long queue. AV itself, back then, could run three or more days before completing.

Battlegroups and cross-server BGs started to kill off WPvP. Group mergers and the eventual removal helped - Arenas helped - additional BGs helped, etc, etc, etc... but BGs themselves when introduced didn't.

There's no WPvP to kill off in STO. The addition of additional pseudo WPvP BGs could be nifty...definitely adding to the game. Heck, throw in a third faction and you've got GW flavor WPvP.

Yes, somewhere down the line - SB/AO/EVE WPvP with territory control would be extremely nifty... we're not there yet - and - additional BG options would not prevent that from happening.

I think the issue you're actually against would more likely be found in how PvP Rep may end up working...where it would actually be more Arenas and PvP being an e-sport in that area... as is, it's somewhat there without the pollution aspects of a tiered rep system messing up the rest...
I remember back in vanilla WoW roaming the countryside looking for an enemy to kill. Most of the PVPers I used to come up across were too busy queuing up in their capitals and never ventured out. BGs aka instancing killed open world PVP with time. I just quit not long after the BGs got put in because I saw the writing on the wall and did not want to set my self up for more disappointment.

The reason there's no open world PVP in STO is because the devs either have no real experience with PVP or they just feel it's a tack-on feature and not as important aka does not generate enough cash. Not to mention the game's design is so small scale and instanced- heavy does not help.

For whatever reasons, PVP in STO is pretty stale and nothing more than an e-sport. All a rep system is going to do is make PVP the "carrot" for gear rewards. Faction loyalty and a means of conflict resolution is what drove PVP in older MMOs, not carrots, and I feel we could use more of the old and less of the new.

If PVP was properly considered and implemented from the start of the game's development might have been a lot better for those who like to kill real people instead of AI.

Too late, I feel. Was trying to stick around until after the May update when DStahl said PVP changes were coming... but feel there's a big Rommie-based heart break coming and whatever hope I have for PVP will be quashed. So it is said, I do not see a proper third faction inbound nor was wishing to be a Rommie. KDF for life... or until I embrace new lore in the next game I play.

A rep system would make more sense with open world PVP as you could be attacked by those who are conning red to you based on said rep. Again, this should have been in at the start. Old games had rep but guess most devs don't look past WoW, tbh.

Thanks for responding though and for agreeing what could be.
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