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02-11-2013, 08:06 PM

An all systems bulletin has been put out on one R'zo-vek 'Razor', previously Commodore of Task Force Argo.

The Iskeran was last seen in a type 10 shuttle using Outpost Argo's starbase transwarp, after issuing an evacuation drill in order to dismantle and steal the starbase's dilithium crystal chamber.

A small team interrupted the Iskeran mid-theft, but were unsuccessful in stopping him or recovering the chamber-- in part for the interference by one Chassy S. Quaen, Department Head and top researcher for the stations' science facility, AG-21-8.

She is currently in custody aboard Outpost Argo.

Command currently lies on the shoulders of Captain Ryan Noah, XO, but an official from Starfleet Command in en route to head the investigation.