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Hey guys.

I've been PvPing for a while. Mostly pugging in queues. I usually use a bread and butter escort build in a bug, or A2B single cannon Fleet Excelsior (less often). I have experimented with a lot of different builds though. I'm a Tactical Officer btw.

After much introspection, I've decided what I like to do for the most part (finally) and I wanted help starting over from scratch, and building something from the ground up. I thought it would be really the only way to erase all the bad joo joo that arose from my frequent indecision on ships and builds.

What I'm looking for in a ship and build:
Stellar damage output
good to very good survivability
and some sort of crowd control

For PvE junk with my fleet, I run the Breen ship.
Fore Weapons: 3X MK 12 Romulan DHCs, Rom Torp
Aft Weapons: 3X MK12 Romulan turrets, KCB

Borg MK 12 Deflector
Borg MK 12 Engines
Adapted Maco Shields.

Eng Consoles: MK 12 purple Neutronium, Borg, Tachyokinetic
Sci Consoles: Isometric charge, Zero Point, MK 12 purple Field Generator
Tac Consoles: 4 MK 11 purple Plasma energy

The only thing about this ship, is that I hate the way it looks.

And the only thing I personally care about PvE-wise is No Win Scenario

I have access to any ship in the game, including T5 Shipyard, all C-Store ships, and all Lockbox and Lobi ships. I have multiple bridge officers I can use or retrain, and I have mostly purple doffs of each flavor. I have the funds to finance pretty much any build with any weapon type. I am also willing to respec if necessary. So now build is really out of reach.

I would assume an escort-hybrid would be my best bet, but im not sure.

Feel free to rip me apart, tear me down, just to build me back up again stronger.
Maybe give the Fleet Heavy Escort Carrier a look. It can have stellar firepower, good-to-respectable survivability, and the LTC Eng slot lets you slot EWP 1 and Runabouts for excellent crowd control (both in terms of defeating players and keeping pets and mines in check). Provided you're specced into Particle Generators, you can load up on them along with your Plasma energy weapon consoles to buff your EWP 1 rather nicely without needing to buy a whole new suit of weapons. Run BFI Doffs and Damage Control Enginneers and you have a decent panic button (BFI) and the advantage of being an Escort with EPtS 2.


Just don't let yourself get drawn into turning fights as they aren't, strictly, the strong suit of the ship, just like the Chel'Gret.