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02-11-2013, 08:51 PM
Having a chat to a mate i recently found out that aux2bat running 2 isnt as efficient as i thought it was.

I noticed that when using a keybind system so i didnt have to keep checking to fire off aux2bat all the time myself i noticed that when firing the 2nd one off after 10 seconds from firing the first that my aux power is almost 0 and so when firing off the 2nd one i get no power boosting. I have been using this build aux2bat on the jem hec for about 3 weeks now and only just figuring this out lol.

Is there any fix to make aux power replenish instantly after the 1st aux2bat is ending and 2nd is about to fire so the 2nd firing of aux2bat can use aux to boost power the second time? I do have ep2a but i keep that out of a bind and use it to boost my healing of tss and he2. I do have a rmc but its cd means i cant rely on that to keep aux up when i need to fire the 2nd aux2bat. I could use aux batteries but then id need a endless supply which i wont do.

So any tips from aux2bat users?