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02-11-2013, 10:36 PM
Another point for your list perhaps....the re-spawn in arena maps.When you die and re-spawn you are dropped at a 'random' location on the map.There are 3 issues with this system.

1. The most obvious one...getting spawn killed,just because you just happen to re-spawn near an opponent.
2. You re-spawn on the opposite side of where your team is.
3. "Random" is not really random at all,both Ghost Ship and Assimilated Cruiser are notorious for re-spawns at the starting location,which in turn makes spawn camping very easy.

A solution would be to give the player control over where they re-spawn,letting them choose from a limited number of possible spawn points.

On Shanty Town the spawn points are fixed for both sides,the issue there is that the spawn points are very exposed.The turrets protecting them are too weak to be an effective deterrent,which can lead to spawn camping.
On this map a possible solution could be to make the spawn point a bunker,with walls to break line of sight so people can't be sniped from the high ground.A Force Field Dome that extends beyond the walls to prevent opponents entering the bunker.The turrets protecting the spawn point should have shields to make them more durable.(the turrets at the mainframe should still be without shields)