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02-11-2013, 10:17 PM
I have all ships of z store xcept MVAM.

On my engineer: i started with my first z store ship, regent. Powerful, versatile and has teeth whenever u wanna bite. Bought it on its 'first day first show'

2 weeks back I got the galaxy retro. Never used it but bought fleet galaxy and put saus sep on that. F-galaxy has no teeth, or very few. But, as an engineer i love it. Unable to go back to Regent.

Tac: i started with armitage. It was good, no complaints. Good damage and semi tankish. Can take some beating. 3 days back I got defiant retrofit. And the way it tear things.. I'm amazed.

SCI: i dont play much on it but i got the vesta. I run elite stfs on it, with gear bought off from xchange and I dont die. That says something alone about it.

Klink tax: from mirror quinn raptor, to lockbox vo'quv. I returned back to my VA Heghta heavy BoP. I'm one of few xaptains comfortable with bops decloak-strike-cloak-hull heal-decloak strike strat. In stfs i dont get destroyed alot, sometimes not at all. Capable of takin down a transformer cube all by myself in KA. Love that ship.

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