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02-12-2013, 12:00 AM
Hmmm. If you have access to any ship in the game then I would say go with a Jem'Hadar Attack Ship if we are talking about a ship with serious weight. Its turnrate is amazing. I am not personally fond of the bridge officer layout. The defiant is my one true love. But I could get used to a bug ship if someone was kind enough to pay for mine.

Your weapons loadout depends. But strictly speaking most vets on this forum will tell you to run all cannons with one torp up front and the kinetic cutting beam in back or no torp at all. The cutting beam isn't a necessity but optional. I run torps and beams on my escort. Call me old fashioned. You can also run one dual beam bank up front in place of the torpedo. Its still an all energy setup just with the option to access the utility skills only modifiable by beam. You want burst damage not sustained so you'll be looking at dual heavy cannons.

Your tactical skills should include two copies of rapid fire. If you're using only cannons and torpedoes then run two copies of rapid fire and two high yields. If you're using all cannons and a beam you'll want two rapid fires two overloads. If you want to run a beam, a torp, and four cannons ( two turrets rear and two dual heavies up front) then run two rapid fires, one high yield and one overload. In all layouts you should have two attack patterns. You will have only one actually slotted on your ship if you have the right doffs. If not you will have two and I recommend they both be attack pattern omega for utility reasons.

As far as doffs go you should be extremely happy with 3 attack pattern duty officers and 2 brace for impact doffs. Or you can replace the brace for impact doffs with Damage Control Engineers which will allow you to run a slightly different engineering setup should you choose to only run one emergency power to shields.

Your engineering stations should have at least one emergency power to shields. Most escorts run two if they have the station space. Then you're looking at one reverse shield polarity. With one engy slot left you can run dampeners to chain with your attack pattern omega 3's for no downtime on turns. Or you can run directed energy modulation and replace the two bfi or dmg cntrl engineer doffs for DEM doffs and reduce the power drain on your energy weapons. Or you can try something unusual but fun like boarding party for disables. Or extend shields to support another escort you're flying with.

Your sci stations should utilize hazard emitters if you can only spare an ensign slot. If not it should have one hazard emitters and one transfer shield strength in the event you're running your lieutenant station as a sci on the bug ship. Your ensign can then be a tractor beam which is awesome on any ship. A polarize if you want to chain with omega for better resistance to holds. Or a second hazard emitter to share a heal with teammates more often.

I suggest 5 energy consoles for your tactical station to buff the energy damage of your chosen energy weapon type. You'll run 2 rcs consoles for turn and 2 neutroniums for hull resists in your engineering console slots. And your sci slot would then be a field generator for more shield capacity. A shield emitter amplifer for more shield regeneration. Or a special console for special situations.

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