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Originally Posted by s7ike View Post
Personally, i like the mirror patrol consoles better... that's just me. And on a side note any good Jem'Hadar Attack Ship pilot can hop in any old escort and beat the qq'rs to begin with. For instance i took my mirror patrol in a couple games several days ago...i got nearly the most damage and the most healing out of 5-6 escorts in the game from both teams. You dont need a jemmy to do damage..all you need is a escort, point it and shoot.
Nevertheless with the amount of time some people spend playing you can easily buy the ship for yourself...or better yet pick up the mirror patrol it uses the same boff layout as 90 percent of the Jem pilots do.
I REALLY have to question that assertion, as there ARE Jem pilots here who insist that it's not OP because they get the JHAS.

Seems to me that, all other stats and such being equal, a JHAS should be mopping the floor with every other escort out there (along with cruisers, sci ships, raiders etc.) just on the base of the thing's basic stats, including high impulse mod, 5 tac consoles, BOP maneuverability and Cruiser shielding (along with the Uni stations it also carries).

So here's what I see-if I'm killing a Jem bug by using my Bird of Prey, that Bug-driver would be dead meat in a Bird of Prey, or a Raptor, or any of the Fedscorts.

If I'm getting CLOSE to killing him, then he's probably not skilled enough to fly anything with lesser stats-maybe as a result of having the enormous crutch of a ship that is significantly OP from the get-go.

IF he's not taking down two or more in a pass, or if he's having trouble taking me or another BoP driver out, then he'd be pretty helpless in anything else.

It's only when a Bug Driver's taking down OTHER bug drivers on a regular basis, that I'm inclined to believe he's as good as he thinks he is.

See, I see it as the problem of the Bitchin' Camaro-(or the Ferrari driver)-probably not competent to make a run in anything LESS perfect, and I've seen this with certan former fleetmates-the same person who actively avoids PvP in a Raptor or BoP, yet fails to outperforme someone as mediocre as myself. The gear doesn't make you good, it just makes it easy-and easy doesn't make you any better.

The Jem'bug is an EASY MODE ship, as such it weakens your skills when you use it too extensively because 'Everything is easy with a Bugship."

But as I continue to maintain-dont' nerf it. What it needs, is competitors so that that 'easy mode' condition no longer persists, and a true "Elite" position matching the rhetoric can actually be obtained.
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