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02-12-2013, 01:25 AM
It looks like the system as we have it gives an extra flair to specialisation, but that is false. Everybody can have Torpedo spread III, the Jem'haddar Boff, and everybody can have Rapid Fire III, trained by another Tac Captain that can train it.

So, I think just as the OP, we can get rid of this cumbersome system and have all abillities be trainable at the Boff trainer.

Another thing I would like to see. Once a Boff is trained in a certain skill, I don't want him to forget it. I mean, when I change ship and reallocate my Boffs, in most cases, one or two need some other skills which they are using now an I have to go to the trainer. When I swap ship again ... same thing again.

I don't want a big thing, every skill on my boff, just a couple. It is like an sales agent that speaks french. You send him to France. Then you want him to go to Germany, but he has to learn German first. Then he goes again to France again, but first he has to learn french. That doesn't make sense, does it.