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Originally Posted by ivantomdisplay View Post
U cant stop the evolution. I don't see the need for this game to be what used to be. Its totally different game then last year, last two years. Its time to let go, and play with what u got.
It seems to me that it is evolving into a very clear niche, however...

A game of two extremes - infinite healing/resistances vs infinite damage/debuff.

I suppose it may be a classic example of power creep. Each season brings new items, new abilities, new features that add something to either side. Add, not replace.
We didn't get new Bridge Officer skills. We get consoles with powers.
We didn't get new item modifiers. We got Duty Officers. Shields with more mods and special abilities. Reputation abilities.

All that adds to the two extremes. This would overall be a very fragile balance, if it would be balance at all, and bad o nits own right. But it's even more limited - everyone can get access to the infinite healing/resistance part, but only a few can get the infinite damage/debuff part.

Evolution is not a perfect process. As long as things work, the work. When they stop working, they die off.
STO might be the way of the Panda Bear. Highly specialized on eating bamboo, which is great, until bamboo becomes a spare resource. Better hope you find a mutated Panda Bear that likes something else.


SNB has always been the great "equalizer" - no matter how powerful your buffs are, SNB takes them away.

But an equalizer is not the same as a balancer. The more buffs exist, and the more important buffs are, the more important SNB got. Lowering the power of defensive (and offense) buffs would do the game good, I think. But it will probably lead to its own challenges - for example, when buffs are not as strong as they used to be, coordinated fire will be the "big buff". You will still need to carefully balance team healing abilities so they can counter team work reasonably well. And you will have to ensure that the base hit points of hull and shields are high enough so that combat doesn't go too fast in a 5v5 where 5 are always focusing on 1.

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