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02-12-2013, 02:35 AM
Originally Posted by ghennkins View Post
I see them as an unnecessary hassle.

At first I had no problem with asking someone to drop everything their doing to come meet me some place and train my boff in a skill only players can train. It made it feel more 'mmo'.

But, as more time goes on, it just gets frustrating and feels like a stupid game design. These are people you have to ask to train you're officers and most the time, they're busy doing their own thing, and the rest of the time they forget you asked. Add on top of that the potential for theft and that it's forced interaction (I loathe being forced), it can quickly become a frustrating headache.

I know someone will say it's not 'forced' blah blah you can just gimp yourself and use the lower rank version of a skill, but I see that as proof of the problem. I also can't always ask someone I trust because I never trust someone in an mmo 100%. And the entire act of asking makes me feel like a nag.

Hey can anyone train my boff in blah blah?
Hello anyone?
Stop what you're doing and train my boffs please
...Okay it's been 2 days, can anyone help me?

Yea no thanks, I don't much like being a bother to people. I humbly request for an alternate method.
I agree something needs to be done with this. Introduce a new easy to use mechanic (tradeable BOff data pads the skill can be trained to perhaps) or completely dump the original concept and add everything to the current BOFF trainer.