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Originally Posted by p2wsucks View Post

Personally, I'd drop the GW for a PSW (interrupts evasives/ES) or VM (drop multiple systems if not clear) or SS (lengthen cooldowns) depending on what Doffs you have. You could also use PSWTorp console (though it's broken atm). Use the PSW/PSWTorp to strip the evasives. I'd use cront torps/mines if you aren't using them as well. For an escort debuffing Sci build anyway.
I've been having good luck running PSW and GW together. Generally I'll hit someone with the GW, then use PSW to stun them and knock them back into it when they get out. On a Vesta, EWP can be added into the combo, and EWP together with GW does enough hull damage to kill most ships.

It's hard to make it work against escorts because the PSW and EWP rely on outmaneuvering the target. Cruisers and carriers are far and away the easiest to trap. TSSE works better on them too, because they tend to be running lower engine power to begin with (though not always) so even if the disable doesn't proc they are still nearly immobilized.