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02-12-2013, 04:50 AM
These ships have not had their base stats nerfed. The problem is that they released newer ship that can out preform the older ones. In fact the galaxy-r was improved a bit since the ship was originally an 8 console ship with the saucer sep built in and was changed into a 9 console ship with a saucer console after.

The galaxy r and the armitage were outclassed by the fleet versions that were given higher base stats from the original. Even the Fleet galaxy r is obsolete in comparison to the operational oddy.

As far as the atrox is concerned when you compare it to other science vessels like the vesta that has a high turn rate, 10 console slot, 3 purple mk xii weapons and a hanger bay it is hard to justify the older nine console stats with the turn rate of a beached whale.

The other side of the issue with the performance of these older vessels is that they updated the npcs to make them more challenging with season 6. with harder npcs and better ships it may look like these older ships were nerfed but in reality they are the same against greater odds.