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02-12-2013, 05:32 AM
Originally Posted by tripwire690 View Post
Okay. Last week we went over this. Without changing any power levels an escort captain in a breen ship in a private match with me was able to get 40 or 50 turn with no consoles when omega was up. when omega was down he was able to go slightly below the turn of omega. Now when I say slightly below I mean it was negligible. Like not even a 5 point difference with no significant increase to auxiliary power when using auxiliary power to the inertial dampeners.
Pffft.... what a disappointment. Being able to keep a high rate of turn is not the same as being able to keep your nose pointed at your opponent 100% of time, especially with ever popular tractor and EWP builds out there. You made it sound like you had a build that was immune to holds all the time. You might wanna consider a more careful wording to your statement in the future.