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02-12-2013, 05:51 AM
If by accident you que into a SFT and you dont want to go for what ever reason
switch characters or log out for 60 seconds, and you dont go or get any penality

The cheepest place to buy reputation items like stembolts is the cargo ship right just ahead of you when you leave space dock ( Cargo Ship )

switch power to shields before you make a mine strafing run on donatra and she wont cloak, Warp plasma has no effect on donatra

If you stay 9.5 away from any gate it wont shoot you

If you drag a item from inventory to the exchange search bar you can find that item on the exchange

NEVER never never buy anything from the ( all ) catagory on the exchange its way over priced

Ship repair parts are cheep in the shipyard , Hypos and regenerators are cheep across from the tailor on earth space dock, putting these in your Bank will allow you to repair/Heal wounds at a STF, Hypos you must carry on you

You can do contraband missions at the center of earth spacedock at the security officer

Log in and out the ( OLD ) way and your fleet chat will not be bugged if you use switch character it will be bugged

Have Fun
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