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02-12-2013, 06:56 AM
I posted this in another thread, in a different fashion mind you, but I'll repeat the gist of it here:

A the end of an engagement, all ship types would have done the same overall damage.

Escorts would have high spike damage, but they would need to withdraw or risk being destroyed. While destroyed, they're not doing any damage.

Cruisers would have high survivability, allowing them to stay in the fight and their pressure damage to add up.

Science Vessels would have a bag of tricks - while they're damage and survivability would be the lowest, through the skillful application of debuffs, buffs, and self-healing - they would be able to match damage at the end of an engagement.

But they introduced magic wand healing. Escorts no longer had to withdraw. Science Vessels could focus more on being offensive. Cruisers were best at magic wand healing.

But they introduced layer upon layer of additional survivability, self-healing, etc, etc, etc. Escorts got tankier and tankier. Science Vessels needed to focus more on trying to offset the magic wand healing and additional layers of survivability. Cruisers were best left at home.

Were Cryptic to do away with magic wand healing and the bloated additional survivability, spike damage would still work best for that finishing shot - for delivering that killing blow - but pressure damage would matter - it's how you would get to the point of trying to deliver that killing blow.

Pressure Damage then Spike Damage.


Bill Nye Dirty Bag o' Tricks then Spike Damage.