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02-12-2013, 07:07 AM
Originally Posted by webdeath View Post
First off, I'm just going to be the better man and disregard what ever you were trying to continue to do in that first quote of my posts. This thread needs constructive feedback, not flame wars and troll attempts.

Here is our first exchange on the topic.

Originally Posted by webdeath
Reduce Spike Damage.
Now Hold on! Before you grab the pitch forks look at the next point. Also, realize, that some where between Pre-F2P and Post-F2P Cannon Damage/Dual Heavy Cannon Damage might have gotten an unexpected boost which could explain why Dual Heavy Cannons are now the Go to weapons.

Here's my response.

Originally Posted by ussultimatum
They are the "go to" weapons, simply because the bar for resistance and healing has been raised so high most other forms of damage have been drowned out already.

DHCs are still performing, but the base level they have to break through has also been raised.

Even then in some cases raw 4xDHCs x2 Escorts can still quite literally bounce off of targets.

Here is your "be the better man" response.

Originally Posted by webdeath
I'm not one normally to say something like this.. but honestly.. I think I need to..


So let's sum up shall we?

1) Your first post claims a nebulous "unexpected boosts" for DHC/DC as "the go to weapons."

2) I tell you directly that the issue is not with DHCs/DCs, the issue is that pressure damage has been drowned out by passive resists and healing.

3) You tell me to learn to read, and then follow that with trying to re-write the thread and claim I'm the one not providing constructive feedback, in favor of flaming/trolling.