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02-12-2013, 07:34 AM
While it would be nifty in a sense, I'd like them to finish the character sheet itself first - there's so much basic information that's missing there - even some labels without the data in cases.

Course, does that just further wet the whistle for that desire to have actual target dummies to be able to test things out?

Still, with neither STOICs nor ACT providing accurate information - were Cryptic to provide such an option for individuals - even without the target dummies, it would be helpful.

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this comes up from time to time, and I'm pretty much dead set against it.
Even for the individual? I can definitely see being against it for others, but the individual?

Cryptic should make a working parser available for Fleet leaders to be able to parse the info after fights to work with their folks, but RandomGuy#2 doesn't need to see RandomGuy#1's info. It would be helpful for RandomGuy#1 to see his own info though...

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If you want to find this information, parse the combat logs.
Breaking out Notepad++ and Excel to parse is a royal PITA...

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