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Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
What makes the Vesta (and the Wells) a great ship is the Ltc Uni.

The Wells does it better, with a stronger shield mod, better hull, the most amazing turn rate on any Sci ship and the ability to go full on healing through uni boff stations and an incredibly powerful console.

The sum of those abilities far outweigh the advantages the Vesta has with regards to (Aux) DHCs, Pets and multiple toy consoles (although I'm a big fan of Fermion Field).

(I'm not saying you were wrong anywhere, just reinforcing that the issue with lockbox ships is not limited to the JHAS.)
The Wells has Turn Rate, Shield Mod (1.45, best of all ships in STO), and base hull as an edge over the Vesta.

LTC+LT Uni vs LTC+ENS unit leads to different, but similarly useful bridge officer arrangements, a wash for the most part, IME.

The Vesta has the edge firepower (can load cannons), the potential to field more powerful sci skills (5 Sci console arrangement), and has an expanded arsenal of science powers which are, for better or worse, agnostic of its console arrangement care of its pets. It's probably the only C-Store ship that could be argued to be on the same plain in terms of mechanical capability as its lockbox brethren.

Now what would be better is if they gave the Wells the Hull it *should* have to offset that monster shield capacity and turn rate... say around 18k base.


If the above seems nonsensical, just chalk it up to too much coffee and not enough sleep, then carry on with QQ'ing or not QQ"ing about the JHAS as you see fit.

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