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Originally Posted by webdeath View Post
First off, I'm just going to be the better man and disregard what ever you were trying to continue to do in that first quote of my posts. This thread needs constructive feedback, not flame wars and troll attempts.

Second: You say Damage hasn't changed?

I recall where originally you had to not only skill into 3 skills, but they changed it so that Skilling 9 Points previously, is only skilling 6 points today.

Also, we have 2 Escort class ships that can use 5 Damage consoles.

Getting more Damage for 2 skills, And now 2 ships that have 5 Damage consoles equals more damage then before. And this improved Spike damage the most, because that was already high and now it's just higher.

Your right, Heals haven't been much different. They are some what higher thanks to that same Skill change, where instead of having to skill between two or three skills you maybe have to skill one and 6 Points in that one skill is the same as what 9 points used to be in the others.

How ever that is where things stop being the same.

There are now more Abilities that add to healing. Whether it's a passive effect from the Borg set. Healing proc effects from Fleet Consoles. Or bolstering and healing effects from Reputations, healing is quite nearly out of control.

Those two factors is what has turned the game from moderately balanced, into the Spike vs Super heals we have today. Yes, healing was out of control in the past, but never to the level it is now. Making it almost necessary to bring spike damage, because Pressure Damage has been completely negated thanks to the increased amount of healing.

I tend to agree with this my job as a tac with high DPS is to swoop in and finish off a target that has been pressure damaged or messed up with sci buffs, anymore now you can have 1-3 people hammering a ship and it takes forever to kill it and this is just unrealistic. I have no problem with any of the 3 classes being able to tank for at least a bit for survival but its gotten out of hand i went 1 on 1 in my bug against one of the breen ships people got in Qs wonderland,,,i won 5-1 however it took insanely long amounts of time for me to finally kill this guy, i would sub jump him with 4 offense buffs running and rapid fire,,get him down to 20 % with just a couple volleys then he would get away and heal quickly and i had to start all over again and keep chasing him and finally get lucky and hit my buffs while his were on CD,,,i have ran into escorts that can heal and tank like crazy too which i dont agree with and im a tac, i also dont think eng/sci should be able to tank as much as they do,,,i mean honestly in the arena who goes after a large tank ship? We all target the escorts then if a tanker if left we focus fire on them,,,if you focus them first it takes half or more of your team on one person leaving the escorts open to sneak up behind you and blast you.