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02-12-2013, 07:57 AM
Hey ddesjardins;

I am really sorry you have gotten the response that you have. Unfortunately, the STO populace has become full of cynical, self-absorbed goobs that can only sneer down on everyone else's experience. The gaming environment has changed very bitterly since release, and it makes me sad. We used to cheer along with the good fortune of others, but now we can only sneer and make snide remarks.

I also got my Wells and Mobius ships. Had to open a lot of boxes for them. Fortunately I average a 15-25 box every stack of 20 back then (my rates have gotten even higher with Dominion boxes - usually a 15-15 box in avery 10-15 opened). These were must-have ships considering our fleet (The Department of Temporal Investigations) and I love playing them. Both the Wells and the Mobius are awesome, and I have the Aeon rigged with the Temporal 3-set for vault activity.

Congrats on your ship - hope you have fun flying it!