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Originally Posted by bberge1701 View Post
This is wandering a bit off topic, but I'd like to add a few more suggestions for earning Romulan Marks:

Talk to Foreman Kylor in the Staging Area, and get the "Beginning of a New Future" daily mission. One of the zones will give you additional marks. Since this directs you to different zones every day, it also helps break up the "grind".

Talk to the Romulan Radiophysicist in the Staging Area and get the "Tau Dewa Radiation Scan" daily mission, before doing the "Tau Dewa Sector Patrol" daily mission from Subcommander Mivek. This will direct you to five star systems to collect radiation reports. The reports can be turned in for marks, the scan mission gives you marks, and you progress through the Sector Patrol mission in the process -- you should be at 95% complete by the time you finish with the radiation scans.

In addition, all the systems you have to visit for the scan mission are combat related missions. I've found that the mobs drop enough loot that I can recycle for EC to buy a day's worth of commodities for reputation projects for both Romulan and Omega Force.

I recently reached Tier 5 in both Romulan and Omega Force reputation this way. Most of the Omega Force marks came out the Season 7 conversion process, so I've only just started running STFs again.
This is what I do. I love combat mission more than "picking relics" and "herding space cats" hehe.

So I usually pop in, do my scan, and then pop out. you CAN repeat the SAME area (i.e. zone out after you finish combat and zone right back in to get another 20%)

If you are lucky with Red Alert mission and beat it, you get like 25% I think.
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