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02-12-2013, 11:03 AM
I'm taking part in the ground portion, and not space but I wanted to add some ideas to the thread anyway.

Originally Posted by naz4 View Post
To say the truth, i don't want to turn people away from PvP, so the tests if necessary at all have to be fun and not feel like a test at all.

The idea of questions is a bit pointless as you might be able to give all the right answers but practicly not do a bean.

It should be done in such a manner that the students don't feel the mental burden of being put under test conditions. I know I wouldn't want to be tested on something I play for enjoyment.

Before ideas are put forward, please keep in mind what the spirit of boot camp is about. Growing interest in PvP with the rest of the STO community.

I personally wouldn't even have "tests". Why can't we leave it at those who attended all x classes get the reward?

I think naz makes some good points here.

Originally Posted by gradstudent1 View Post
I wonder if we might re-frame the testing element as an evaluation with personal feedback from coaches.
I think one of the other suggestions was a very good idea.

> 1 Coach & 4 Students vs. 1 Coach & 4 Students

> Coaches take a back seat and evaluate.

> Coaches provide feedback to students on the team's performance, and can provide 1 on 1 feedback with individual students if this makes sense from a time perspective.

Something that might be useful for students, but not necessarily a part of a test or for graduation might be a set of self-evaluation questions for them to consider: 'What are my current strengths in PvP?", "What areas do I need to work on?", etc.