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02-12-2013, 10:27 AM
Originally Posted by mancom View Post
I probably would have bought the Ambassador as an account unlock because I really like the look of the ship. But I won't pay 25 bucks for a per-character thing. Same reason I never got that T5 K'tinga I really wanted to play.

It's really sad, but in retrospect the great content drought of 2011 was much much better than what we have these days.
the fleet ships, i just pretend they are ships that cost between 15-20 mil EC, thats not too terrible for a ship around lockbox ship level.

its kinda funny, the c store ody seems more like a +.9 ship now. this ship is proboly 5 mods because so far they haven't made a dime off of the model and all the work put into it. plus they made slightly different models for this version too. the 5th mod is a tax, because theres no normal c store version that has recouped the costs of making the ships yet.

that universal LT s a false choice, make the ens universal too and they would be on to something. it could out do the ody as a heal boat then, or have 2 LT tacs
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