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02-12-2013, 10:35 AM
Ah hem..

Yes, Give feds cloaks!

The poor babies deserve it.

They have had such a hard time dealing with things lately, and they deserve a good pick me up.

I mean, they get lowsy ships, bad / incomplete story lines, that horrible Blue Hud.. *shivers* I mean.. like BLUE!? Oh the agony.

Come on cryptic, give it all to em. They need it!!!! Wah come on now!

The KDF doesn't deserve to exisit, why dosent the new cloak ready federation just wipe them out? I mean, bah klingons, why would we want something different around? BOo, I want the same stuff on both sides!

I know when I switch from Feds to Klings there wont be any difference other than BLUE or RED but I think thats enough to give a different and unique experience.

( lol )