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02-12-2013, 10:49 AM
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i feel i need to explain what the build i posted actually does:

the technician doff lowers all cooldowns of all Boff abilitys by 10% each time you hit AUX2Batt...and is stackable, 3 times. So 30% every 15 seconds because you rotate your 2 aux2batt.
that means you effectively DOUBLE the output of ALL boff powers. and you increase all powerlevels (except aux) by 18 (thats without skills counted, its actually higher ingame) every 15 seconds for 10 seconds.

it is true that it leaves you without aux power, but doubles your TAC powers and increases powerlevels. Run 2 additional warpcore engineers to increase powerlevels on use of EPtaux and EPtS and you basically run full power to weapons, schields, engines endlessly.
Weaponpowerdrain becomes insignificant, your shields resistance is through the roof and you move fast as an escort...slightly exagurated
From what I am reading... in a nutshell:

-EP2Aux ups the aux power levels

- Then hitting Aux2batt distributes power from the already upped auxiliary to the other three sensors.

-Aux batt with proper DoFFS makes the cd for boff powers 30% shorter per application of the ability

Originally Posted by baudl View Post
downside: 3 technician doffs cost 12 million EC, so do warp core engis (not without a reason obviously)
I think this toon already has two blue quality technicians that deal with aux batt/boff use cooldown reduced. Is the gap between blue and purple level doffs dramatic (in actual application)?

Is there an actuall description required for the Warp Core Engi's that are helpfull, or is that the only buff ability that that type of Doff can have?

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so that's basically the synergy of the aux2batt build, if anybody feels to add something or correct me, feel free to do so.

PS: atleast 1 tac team is obligatory for each and every ship build...the auto shield distribution is just too powerfull to not have...and i think that is basically what makes "your shots bounce off the escorts" ...they use 2 tac teams in rotation, instead of fireing on 10-12k shields you fire on 40-48k + resistance buffs and heals...
even giving a TT to a teammate is more help than the occasional ET...actually the ET is just to counter certain debuffs
I saw some sort of description that TT also increase damage by 10% for the duration, does this play out to be true?

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PPS: If you really want to be an asset for your team in PVP, run a heal cruiser. Star cruiser, Oddy are a good choice for that. Engi or sci captain in a dedicated healcruiser are the true matchwinners, not the escorts.
Should I take it that you mean that cruisers should only be for healing, or just that if someone in a cruiser that wants to heal team mates should be in an Oddy or Star Cruiser?