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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
I'm surprised to see this crowd dwelling on the price instead of the specs. But even so, here's an update I just posted to the original announcement thread:

Totally my bad.

Any feedback on the potential performance of this vessel?
as with the RA level free version, these ships are balanced as far as fleet level ships go. but like i said, the universal eng seems like a false choice to some degree, making the ENS universal too would give you some true flexibility.

also i wish the kamarang had a LTC tac, a klingon battle cruiser that has stronger sci then tac doesn't make sense. the orian and gorn should have the more sci heavy ships, not the klingons. or maybe make another version of the fleet negvar having a LTC tac. a maneuverable kdf cruiser with ether the regent or excelsior station setup would be perfect, the fleet vorcha with the LTC and LT tac is too much, it cant quite serve the purpose i want it to, the fleet ktinga turns out to be a better ship because it can use AtB and tech doffs wile the fleet vorcha cant really.

also, like i said in the official thread, this just makes things worse for the galaxy and fleet galaxy. the problem is the 3 ENS eng stations mainly, that is the opposite of ideal for tanking or healing. it serves no positive purpose, and the ships has no real beter then average stat, its got the worst turn stat in fact, so its additionally a burden. separating the saucer doesn't do much to make it more dangerous when its only got 2 tac consoles too. at least the defiant is quick turning with its slightly unideal station setup. and theres so many good sci skills at ensign the intrepid setup is favorable. thats simply not the case for the galaxy, nothing is worse then having 3 eng ENS.

just release a second fleet galaxy then. they could release 'fleet varients' for other ships too

current- 2 universal LTs, and ENS, consoles can stay the same. making the non eng stations universal does not take away from what it can already slot.

war time variant- COM eng, LTC tac, LT eng, LT sci, ens uni. 4/2/4 consoles. do the same for the negvar too.
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