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02-12-2013, 11:25 AM
Currently in a Fleet K't'inga on my lead toon (see avatar, Dame Kuiama del Solima)
but thinking just maybe it might be worth my while to consider the new Fleet K'maj thats about to appear. (I do like the look of it with the slightly swept wings/hull form of the vocha, engine nacels like the Koro't'inga, and the boom thats a fusion between the classic K't'inga bulbous command section but with the bridge module locatetd further back on the neck.

A lot of folk have made it clear they don't like the look of that particular transitional hull form, but I how ever do find it asthiticly pleasing. It looks Klingon, It looks agressive. to quote "She's a predator"

..and hey, the stat are not to shabby, though I thinks I'll hold off, wait and see what else pops up over the next few months... there are a slew of ships in the pipeline incoming yet.

Khemaraa sends
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