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02-12-2013, 11:27 AM
Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
I'm surprised to see this crowd dwelling on the price instead of the specs. But even so, here's an update I just posted to the original announcement thread:

Totally my bad.

Any feedback on the potential performance of this vessel?

Well, mai brought up the hull and I commented on it, but to be honest Bort I've all but given up hope that ships will have stats that follow some kind of logical balance.

I made a pretty comprehensive comparison of things like Fleet Fed & KDF ships pre-S6 with no real input of feedback, so I assumed that everything was WAI.

Here's what I don't understand, how does the systems team choose what Hull / Shield Mod / Turn rate a ship gets?

Why does the Ambassador get a turn rate of 7, that feels like an 8 (probably because the model is small and the turn axis is good - another long unattended balance issue) get more hull than the Odyssey class which has a turn rate of 6?

Why does it have more hull if it's so tiny?

Why do some Fed cruisers continue to languish with terrible turn rates with no compensating point in return**, especially when compared to ships like the Fleet Ambassador and Fleet Excelsior which are not only smaller, with better turn rates and near-equivalent or equivalent shield mods but they also get better hull on top of it and are clearly out-dated technology?

**(To be honest, outside of some mega-hull, there is nothing that compensates for the frustrating combat performance loss for a turn rate of 6 or worse usually).

Here are the other threads I mentioned: 1, 2.

Other than that, the ship is balanced and doesn't have any spammable items or consoles to worry about.